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We define an organization as a relationship between two or more people.

We fundamentally believe a leader is any person who has influence with one or more people.

Therefore, it is our core belief that everyone is a leader in some organization in which they live or work.


Many leaders have been taught how to manage people, yet many have never been taught or given the practical tools to lead people and manage the processes, systems, and procedures around them. By removing constraints within your organization, learn how you as a leader can unite bottom-line results with strong personal relationships.

So what happens when those who are people-oriented collide with those who are task-oriented in your workplace, home, friendships, or any other organization? Stress? Underperformance? Anger? Loss of profits? Anxiety?

“Relactional Leadership” by Ford Taylor along with Relactional Leadership™ brand training can help to bridge the gap between highly relational and highly transactional people in your organizations.

This book, which may be used in conjunction with Relactional Leadership™ brand training will help you acquire the tools, techniques, and behaviors needed to become that kind of influential leader–a relactional leader–one who can lead toward profitability and productivity, while cultivating a culture that attracts the best talent. And, most importantly, you will become the leader that you aspire to be.

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“Eight years of practicing the transforming concepts of Relactional Leadership have had a profound impact on my life, my family, my friends, and my workplace. For me, the most potent learnings have centered around the ideas of TFA and the six step apology…TL is one of the single most important programs I have ever attended and I mine more gold with each time I go. I cannot recommend it more highly.”

Pierre Paroz
Pierre ParozChairman
American Micro Products

“Our company work with Transformational Leadership (TL) five years ago. As a result, we’ve seen same-store sales increase over a million dollars each year. Not only that, we have empowered our employees to perform their jobs with renewed energy and excellence because of the tools made available to all the leaders. I am forever grateful to TL for their comprehensive, intentional, holistic approach to leadership.”

Britney Ruby Miller
Britney Ruby MillerPresident
Jeff Ruby Culinary Entertainment

“The TL team has provided training in 5 companies that I have been part of, and I have watched TL help change lives in each of those companies.  I still see teammates from almost 20 years ago whose lives were transformed by TL’s simple principles. I continue to send teammates to the TL training and soon, every member of my family will have participated.”

Peter Kubasek
Peter KubasekManaging Partner
Investment Banking


The Transformational Leadership team is made up of experienced trainers, coaches and consultants located around the world. It is our mission to be an organization where every member of the team is a living example of the material we teach.

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