TL- Atlanta, May 9 & 10, 2019 with Ford Taylor

TL is a powerful training that begins a process in individuals and organizations that identifies, addresses personal or organizational constraints that impede growth. Our unique training approach allows you to actively engage in a process that encompasses personal transformation, leadership skills, team-building, relationship-building and cultural change; all strategically combined in experiential training that has proven, exceptional results.

A few of the topics covered at the training include how to: lead at the highest level possible; build better relationships in every sphere; gain consensus and unity; work smarter with individuals and teams; manage conflict; handle discipline; build accountability; lead meetings; effective communication and listening skills; empower others for excellence; deal with difficult people; be less critical and more constructive; discover the power of affirmations.  Training led by Ford Taylor.

Included in the training- Training manual; Ford Taylor’s book, Relactional Leadership; a 3 month subscription to TL OnDemand, an interactive ondemand training platform.

We never want money to be a hinderance to attendance, partial scholarships available, contact the organizer for more information.