TL Portland, OR – October 24 & 25 with Exponential Functions

Leadership matters. It is also hard work.

 Transformational Leadership is a unique approach to Leadership that results in long term change and improvement wherever the principles are applied.  Transformational Leadership (TL) is leadership training with lessons learned from turning a bankrupt company into a 300 million dollar publicly traded success. TL principals are used successfully by non-profits, churches, business, sports teams, families, and government organizations alike.

Join TL Trainers, Julie Sies, and Patrick McBane as they share the TL tools, ingredients, and recipe that will drive unity, remove constraints and empower growth in any organization.

If you aren’t actively cultivating yourself as a leader, chances are you’re losing ground – you can feel it, and others around you can feel it too. Take the next step in your leadership journey and join us for the upcoming live training in Portland, OR. Your peace of mind and those you lead will thank you!

Who needs TL? Transformational Leadership is for influencers everywhere- in business, non-profits, churches, government, community volunteers, educators, and more. Our core belief is if you influence one or more people, then you are a leader. TL is more than a leadership program; it is a way of life that easily translates into every sphere.

 The cost of this Training is $399.00 per person.

We believe leadership development is imperative to reach your fullest potential. We also believe in blessing those that have difficulty in paying the full fee.  If you need financial assistance please contact our office at for more info.

The conference schedule is on Thursday and Friday, from 8:30am-5: 00 pm. Seminar registration includes manuals and coffee breaks and lunch and access to TL OnDemand with Ford Taylor for 2 months after the conference. –