TL- Sarasota, FL- May 2 & 3, 2019 with Ford Taylor

Transformational Leadership (TL) is leadership training with lessons learned from turning a bankrupt company into a 300 million dollar publicly traded success.

Leadership matters.  It is also hard work.  If you aren’t actively cultivating yourself as a leader, chances are you’re losing ground – you can feel it and others around you can feel it too!

We have a core belief that if you have influence with one or more people, then you are a leader.  TL is more than a leadership program; it is a way of life.  TL uses a common language for dealing with conflicts and difficult issues to maximum results. The tools, ingredients, and recipes taught in this leadership training drive unity, remove constraints and empower growth in any organization.

Take the next step in your leadership journey and join us on May 2 & 3, 2019 for live training with Ford Taylor, founder of Transformational Leadership!
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If you are traveling into Sarasota we have a special rate at the venue for TL participants. Contact the Carlisle Inn @ (844) 369-2275.