Transformational Leadership Workshop Melbourne with Ford Taylor and Hugh Marquis

Transformational Leadership is a different approach to leadership that results in long term change and improvement within your organisation.

Transformational Leadership (TL) is leadership training with lessons learned from turning a bankrupt company into a 300 million dollar publicly traded success and leadership across Not for Profits, Churches and Government organisations. It uses common language for dealing with conflicts and difficult issues to maximum results. The tools, ingredients, and recipes taught in this leadership training drive unity, remove constraints, and empower growth in any organization.

Leadership matters.  It is also hard work.  If you aren’t actively cultivating yourself as a leader, chances are you’re losing ground – you can feel it and others around you can feel it too!

Take the next step in your leadership journey and join us for live training, founder of Transformational Leadership!


About Transformational Leadership workshops

Transformational Leadership is a powerful workshop that will impact every area of your life. Join a fast-paced 2-day training with Ford Taylor and Hugh Marquis. TL’s unique training approach allows each person to actively engage in a process that leads to personal and professional transformation. It builds leadership skills, develops break-throughs for personal and process contraints, teaches tools for conflict resolution and cultural change. The training is extremely practical and applies to relationships everywhere. We believe transformation is not an event but a process so additional resources and trainings are available to assist further learning.


Who TL is for?

Transformational leadership is for business leaders, church leaders, non-profit leaders, Governmental leaders, community leaders, household leaders, educational leaders and more.    We have a core belief that if you have influence with one or more people, then you are a leader.  TL is more than a leadership program; it is a way of life. 



·        8:30am – 5:30pm.  

·        Lunch, Coffee and Morning Tea Provided


Statement on Ticket Prices

Transformational Leadership believe in helping and blessing businesses, Not For Profits and Churches.  Hence, if finances are an issue currently we are more than happy to help.  Our request is that you call us to discuss. 


More Details?  

Call Hugh Marquis (Conference Sponsor and Organiser) on +61 413 966 499